Watch Out! It’s Grasssss! Our Funniest Real Estate Stories and Bloopers.

Realtors in Media PAThe First Hop

We have had our share of buyers that have had some strange needs. But, one of our funniest was a man who really had a fear of grass, yes, plain old grass. The first time I noticed this he hopped over the patch of grass between the curb and sidewalk. Not stepping over, an actually full fledged bunny hop. My first instinct was to laugh since I thought he was somehow trying to be funny. But, with the serious look on his face, I decided to keep quiet. As I was showing him the house I started to feel better since other than the hop I just witnessed, he seemed very normal.

Walking A Thin Line Between Car and Home

When we arrived at the next property, he did the same thing! Okay, now my curiosity was peaked but I still kept quiet. I walked up to the front door not paying any mind to the narrow walkway through the front yard. When I turned to talk to him, he was only a few feet from the sidewalk and looked like someone that was forced out on a tight rope!

Does Your Listing Have Grass?

I had to ask. Are you alright? He looked at me and said from now on, I needed to find listings with no or very little grass. Do you know how difficult it is to find a residential property with ‘no grass’! From that point on, I would call each and every listing agent to find out how much grass was on the property. Talk about a conversation starter with my peers!

Needless to say, I found him a very large twin house with a private asphalt driveway, a concrete ‘back yard’, and a wide front walkway. It just goes to show you that there is a home for every buyer.

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