3 Important Safety Tips When Listing Your Home For Sale In Media, PA

Securing your home in Media, PAFollow these tips below to protect your family and your valuables:

We are lucky to live in Media, PA that has such a low crime rate. However, I still stress to all of my sellers to play it safe while their home is listed for sale. Here are three very important tips to remember:

1. All Buyers Must Be Accompanied By An Agent.

Sure, some people may see your sign and take it upon themselves to knock at your front door. Do not let them walk through on their own or give them information about the home. Most agents have their cell numbers on the sale sign.  Tell them for more information or to schedule an appointment, to call your agent.

2. Put All Valuables Away.

When you list your home for sale, please put away or better yet, lock up all valuables. Most real estate agents have a comfort level with their buyer but it is impossible to screen every person that wants to look at your home. Most Realtors never leave their clients alone but it can still be easy to slip a piece of jewelry into a pocket. Also, make sure ALL valuables are safely put away during a public open house. If we get a good turnout, it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on everyone that walks through.

3. When Returning Home After A Showing Check Every  Doorway.

Agents are responsible for securing a property when leaving however, they may be so intent on showing the property that they forget to lock a door.

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