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Read the Writing on the Wall – ATTACK CAT!

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Not All Cats Are Cuddly!

Actually some are better at protecting their surroundings then dogs.

We listed a townhouse that had a very rambunctious cat, and that is putting it lightly. We eventually named him the ‘attack cat’. Of course both the seller and I were very concerned with agents and buyers coming through the house and protecting the cat’s well-being too.

The Compromise.

We decided the best and safest place for him was in the room sized storage area in the basement. We placed very large sign on the door that stated ‘DO NOT OPEN-MEAN CAT’. Needless to say an agent that was showing the home to a buyer paid no attention to the sign.

Didn’t You See The Sign?

As soon as that stupid question left my mouth I could almost feel the agent’s attempt to climb through the phone and strangle me.  To make a long story short….they spent the next hour trapped in the basement by the cat that was perched on the basement steps. If they went even remotely close to those steps the cat hissed, growled, and swiped at them.

Thankfully, the seller came home and freed them.

And yes, surprisingly, they bought the house. (I guess they really liked the basement!)

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