3 Tips/Trade Secrets To Turn A Buyer On

Selling your home in Media, PAWant to know what advice we give all of our sellers in and around Media, PA which includes some of our trade secrets?

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There is nothing more important, inexpensive, and attractive than the following:

      1.  Clean

  • Always start at the front door since this is the first and last impression. Remove cob webs and scrub the main doorway. A fresh coat of paint on an older door does wonders.
  • TRADE SECRET – Spray 9 Multi Use cleaner is a miracle worker on stains/scuffs on walls and baseboards. It is also great at removing fingerprints!
  • Scrub sinks, counters, tubs, and really everything in your home.

     2.  Deodorize

  •  TRADE SECRET – Have a musty odor in your basement? Buy charcoal briskets from your local hardware or grocery store. Poke holes in the bag and leave in any area of the basement. For larger basements, use two bags. At first, you will need to replace the bags once a week for a few weeks and then less frequent as the odor dissipates.

IMPORTANT * If you use a de-humidifier, put it away for showings. Buyers tend to assume you have water issues.

  • Do Not Burn Candles! You never know what scent will be offensive to a buyer no matter how much you like it. They now sell lightly scented ‘flameless’ battery operated candles. This also gives the home a very nice ambiance.
  • Do Not Smoke – No one likes being told what to do in their own home. But, I have had countless buyers dismiss a great home just because of a smoke odor.

3.  Declutter And Depersonalize – Get Into the Mindset  That  You Are Moving

  •  Start Packing – Nothings shouts ‘a home with no storage’ more than a cluttered home. Also, don’t forget your kitchen and bath counters. Counter space is very important to a buyer. For the kitchen, just a coffee pot and maybe a toaster should be left of the counter. Pack items that you do not use on a daily basis. Either stack the boxes neatly in the corner of the basement or better yet, rent a storage unit.
  • Remove Personal Pictures and Items – You can leave a few personal pictures but it you have a wall full of personal pictures, it is hard for Buyers to visualize that this could be their home.

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