What Lights You Up? How Media, PA Home Buyers Find Their Perfect Home

Finding a home in Media, PA

Finding a home in Media, PA

92% Of Today’s Buyers Search Online For Their Homes

And it is a well known fact that there is an absorbent amount of information available to them.

They visit a multitude of open houses without representation and make decisions without a professional’s opinion. But can they really get an understanding of what features of a home ‘light them up’ and at the same time, will be a smart investment?

Pictures Aren’t Always Worth A 1,000 Words

Your ‘right home’ may be going under contract while you are wasting time online. It is important to us to get to know our buyers so that we may preview and research properties for them.

Pictures are said to speak a thousand words, but may look more attractive online than in person.

Listing agents, and I am guilty of it too, seem to naturally have a knack of ‘spicing up’ their listing to make it sound more attractive. Say for instance, you are going to an open house for a home with a ‘wonderful back patio’. I don’t know about you but automatically, I am thinking of entertaining my family and friends in the Summer with a grill, table, and chairs.

But when the property is viewed, a buyer finds a piece of concrete maybe large enough for one, maybe two chairs. This can be very frustrating and will waste valuable time.

The point is nothing is more important than establishing a relationship with us. I know it is hard to imagine that we may actually know what is important to you (and in some cases, even before you do), when looking for the right home. Our buyers soon realize how valuable our decades of experience with recognizing their ‘light up’ factors are in finding their right home.

The Toilets Matter

For one buyer, it was a bathroom and even more specifically, the toilet. He sat on every toilet in every home I showed him (pants on-thank goodness). Strangely, I found myself heading right to the bathroom of homes that I previewed for him and sitting on the toilet. I would call him excitedly to say ‘you won’t believe the legroom you have in this bathroom’!

Needless to say, I sold him a home with two large bathrooms, and a very abnormally large sized powder room.

Whatever your ‘light up’ factors are, whether it is something as strange as a toilet or some other facet of a home, we recognize it and it becomes our challenge to find you your right home.

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